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“It wasn’t just me, I wasn’t stupid.”


Do you want to volunteer?

We require that you complete a Saje Programme and our volunteers training course. You have to be committed to empowering women to make positive choices about their own lives and for lives of their children.

What do we offer volunteers?

  • An opportunity to support women who have/are living with domestic abuse
  • An opportunity to develop skills in a particular area, e.g.administration, fundraising or communications
  • An opportunity for personal and professional development
  • Support and supervision
  • Travel expenses

What do we expect from volunteers?

To perform volunteering role to the best of your ability. To maintain the confidential information of Saje Scotland and of its clients.

What our Volunteers says


I volunteered to give back to an organisation that I believe gave me back my life.

Abuse is a scary word that most people do not want to use. It is a label most do not want to be attached to out of misplaced shame and fear but it’s simply inequality in any relationship. You can feel your choices are not your own or you are isolated and lonely. It’s not all about fat lips and black eyes and just because you don’t wear the bruises does not mean it doesn’t hurt because the mental pain can far outweigh the physical at times. Everyone deserves equal and happy relationships. Saje helps to educate and pass on the life skills to enable people to heal and make better judgements and decisions which can lead them to a happier and more fulfilling life.


The Saje Programme saved me and gave me my identity and life back. My daughter and I now live in a calm, happy home I only dreamed off before. Our confidence has soared. I am now volunteering with Saje and enjoy passing on this message to other women. I have a voice once again, an outgoing personality and a future.


I work at Saje doing admin tasks. I used to work in an office but my confidence was so eroded I never thought I would be able to work again. Working as a volunteer has reminded me that I am capable and I can work.


Volunteering is one of the positive things to have come out of the abuse that I lived with. Knowing how it felt to live with abuse, and then learning about the dynamics of abuse on the Saje Programme have given me the knowledge and ability to support other women who have experienced abuse.


I have done the Saje programme twice.  The first one helped me understanding what my experiences were and why some men and in my case some women abuse. The second group reinforced my resolve to stay away from my ex-partner and make a better life for me and my boy and it improved my confidence. I felt normal again. I had a childhood that was full of all types of abuse and as an adult I found myself in abusive relationship. That took me many years to get out of. It was watching my little boy’s fear grow as he became got older that made me leave. It was very hard and I was a complete mess.

I still have a number of issues to do with my past that affects my mental health – depression and panic attacks. However, during the groups I changed I got more confident, I started believing that I wasn’t a rotten mother or a nutter and started believing in myself that I could do more with my life again. I used to work full time before getting with my son’s Dad.

Being asked if I wanted to train to deliver the programme has been the biggest boost to my confidence that I have had in years. I have had support from lots of agencies but this is the first time that I truly feel that someone really saw potential in me. They didn’t so much support as in made me believe that I could do.

Saje gave us a job description outlining what was expected of us and what we could expect from them. We had to read and agree to all of Saje’s policies and signed a contract it gave us all a sense of responsibility and that we were taking on a job, like real work, valuable and helping people. Their training was very through – even although we had all done groups we had to change our thinking and behaviour and learn how to deal with possible problems during group.

It was essential to me that they helped me out with childcare and fares – I probably couldn’t have done it otherwise. I have had great support from them and I truly feel I have done a good job co-facilitating. I am sure I have as they have asked me to do another group as soon as it starts in my area again.

Let me say it hasn’t been plain sailing I still get big downers and a couple of times they have had to pick me up so I got to the group. Once I was there I was fine. It about self belief and that got better and better.

I truly feel that this will get me back into paid work – maybe not this year but sometime in the future. But meantime I am really enjoying this experience and intend to keep going for as long as I am needed.


In an emergency, always call the police on 999.

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Become a Volunteer

There are lots of ways you can support the work of Saje.

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