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“It wasn’t just me, I wasn’t stupid.”


What happens at the group

You will not be judged or ever told what to do. You will understand more about your experience. You will build your confidence, esteem and assertiveness.

Facilitators will understand what you have been through as many have personal experience of domestic abuse.

You don’t have to share your experience, you don’t have to talk, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.

The sessions involve discussion and activities about what different abusive behaviours look like, and the effects of these. These sessions will help you gain an understanding of what has or is happening to you and what steps you can take to change your life.

The course follows a structure but it is very welcoming and informal. You’ll meet the other women over a cuppa. There will be about a dozen women, and you work in small groups of 3 or 4 before we have group reflection.

You can see some of the work we do in the groups in our photo gallery.

This all sounds quite serious. It is a very grim topic and we are talking about people’s lives but you will have fun. You will make new friends. You will be supported by other women.

However, the groups are not:

  • Crisis support
  • Advocacy
  • 1-1 support
  • Counselling

See links page for other agencies who can help.

They are weekly for 2 hour-sessions, over 12 weeks.

They are free and we provide some childcare.

Who can come to the groups

Women from all types of circumstances and walks of life come to our courses.

It is for any woman who thinks she is/has been in a controlling or unequal relationship.

You may

  • still be living with an abusive partner
  • Be living with new non abusive partners but can’t move on from the previous abuse
  • Grown up in an abusive home
  • Have or not have children, or had their children taken into care
  • Be fearful or controlled by adult children or other members of the family
  • have been away from the abuser for many years but can forget
  • Feel they always ‘pick’ an abusive partner

Where are they and when

The groups run 3 times a year. They start around January, April and September. They are held in various towns small venues across Fife. We don’t advertise the venues here for safety reasons. When you contact us we will find the most convenient venue for you.

How to Book onto a Course

You can contact us by phone or email. You can fill in a web form and we will get back to you. One of us will always phone you back for a wee chat. You are welcome to phone anytime for a chat and we can help get you more immediate help or support if you need it.

Click here to book yourself onto a Saje Programme


In an emergency, always call the police on 999.

For more infomation about safety on the internet and safety planning click here

Become a Volunteer

There are lots of ways you can support the work of Saje.

Call us: 01592 786701