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“I went out for the first time in 18 years.”


“I didn’t need Women’s Aid, I didn’t need refuge or emotional support. I needed help to make sense of what had happened to me. I found main Saje Website and found a group in Leven. I live in outside Fife and travelled every week for 12 weeks. That’s how good I found it.”

“After the course I decided to stay with my partner. It sounded mad, but I don’t ‘buy into’ his tactics as I understand what he is doing. He seems to be changing. I am hopeful this lasts. But I know now what to do and who can help me if things go wrong. I was still with my partner as I attended the group I wasn’t sure if I wanted the relationship to end. I just knew I was unhappy, nervous and scared. I had become a shadow of my former confident, bubbly self and I didn’t know or like who I had become. I had thought my partner was one type of controller – the persuader – but through the programme I became aware of the many tactics being used to make me conform to how my partner wanted me to behave. By understanding the tactics I began to change the way I reacted to them and began to take back control of myself, my confidence, and esteem.”

“I have been away from my ex for 12 years. My worker (Frontline Fife) said that maybe I hadn’t dealt with my abuse and what about the FP. This was the hardest thing I have done but what a difference it has made to me. I understand the huge impact he had on my life and why I my mental health was so bad.   Also and more importantly, my son who is 30, are talking about what it was like for him as a wee boy. I had no idea how abused he had been by his Dad or what he saw. Really hard conversations but our relationship is much, much better.”

“My social worker made me go to Saje Programme or else I my unborn child was straight into care. I had two fostered as it was. It made such a difference to me; I got to keep my baby and am working towards getting the other kids back. I can’t believe I fell for all his shit and how he manipulated me.”

“My ex used to phone to ‘speak to his son’, it was really just scare me and to be vile to me and without fail I would be crushed and terrified. So the last time he phone and had a rant he said ‘ How come you’re no greeting yet’ I said because I’m not being bullied by you anymore and hung up. That was because of the Saje Programme. I understand what he is trying to do and I don’t buy into his crap any more. On top of that my son (13) started looking at the Saje book and his behaviour changed for the better as well. It was like he stopped blaming me for what happened and we’re talking much more. I’m more hopeful about my life than I have been for years and years”.

“I know my daughter was removed but it was because of him and what he did to her.    I am starting to think that my parenting skills aren’t as bad as I thought and I am going to try to sort it out.”


In an emergency, always call the police on 999.

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