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“I realised that I deserved so much better.”

Helen’s Story

This is about how the Saje Programme helped me change my life.

I did the course a year and a half ago and it opened my eyes to the abuse I had suffered at the hands of my husband for twenty five years. I kept telling myself that it wasn’t that bad, but during the course I realised that it was. I suffered from panic attacks, depression and agoraphobia, and that’s exactly what he wanted, as it kept me a prisoner in my own home.

During the course I realised that I deserved so much better and that life was way too short to be living this lonely miserable life, the course is delivered in such a way that it was fun but very very powerful. It was like a light bulb coming on, and gave me the courage and strength I needed to let him know I wouldn’t be tolerating this nonsense anymore. I felt empowered for the first time in years, and most importantly it made me value myself.

He kept saying to me that I had changed and he didn’t recognise me anymore. He tried all his usual tactics to control me, and even tried some new ones but I had all the information I needed to see right through him and know exactly what he was trying to do. Every time he shouted my dog shook like a leaf and our daughter had all the psychological problems that I had by now, I wanted to show her that this was not normal behaviour from a man and no woman deserved to live this way. I wanted her to expect better for herself and to live in a calm, happy home,

The Saje programme saved me and gave me my identity and my life back, We now live in that calm, happy home I could have only have dreamed of before and our confidence has soared. I wish I had managed to get away from him years ago, but I know that without attending this course I would probably still be in the vile situation yet. I feel totally thankful that I was guided to attend the Saje course because I now know the early signs to look out for, why some men behave in this way, and that my daughter will never have to experience this abuse again from any other man other than her Dad.

I was worried my daughter would be really unhappy without her Dad here but she wants to throw a party on the first anniversary of him leaving! That tells me. I have improved both our lives and our future’s massively.

I am now volunteering with them and enjoying passing on this message to other women. I have a voice once again, an outgoing personality, and a future.

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The 12 week course is for any woman interested in learning more about the effects of domestic abuse and, in particular for women who experience/ have experienced domestic abuse.

To book your course please either:
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