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“I had never spoken about most of the things that had happened.”

Emma’s Story

About a year ago I left my husband after 13 years of domestic abuse. I use the term domestic abuse because today I can see that’s what it was, at the time I blamed myself and believed that maybe if I was different then my relationship would be different, I didn’t realise that it wasn’t my fault.

I found out about the Saje Programme a few months after I’d left my relationship, I found that I was struggling to move on with life and I really didn’t know where to start, my self-esteem and confidence were at rock bottom, I was struggling to get out of the house and to get to work and the only thing that was really keeping me going was trying to hold it together for my 2 children.

To be able to identify with other women, to hear their stories and share mine was a very emotional experience, different women from different backgrounds whose paths probably would never have crossed if it hadn’t been for the Saje Programme, we cried and we laughed together. I had never spoken about most of the things that had happened in my relationship but now, if and when I wanted to, I’d found a safe space to do that, I felt accepted for who I was and never judged. I no longer felt stupid or that it was my fault that the domestic abuse had happened, the course taught me about the ‘tactics’ of abusive men and now I feel confident that I’d be able to recognise those signs early on in a relationship.

The course taught me so much, my confidence and self- esteem grew and I began to realise that I was going to be ok. My children and I are settled in our new home, I’m back working properly – running my own business. Although I’ve left my husband it doesn’t mean that all the problems have gone away but thanks to the Saje Programme I’m better equipped to deal with them and for the first time in many years I’m feeling that life is full of opportunities and that’s really exciting.

Book a Course

The 12 week course is for any woman interested in learning more about the effects of domestic abuse and, in particular for women who experience/ have experienced domestic abuse.

To book your course please either:
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– Email sajescotland@yahoo.co.uk
– Phone us 01592 786701


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