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Help for men who are abused

We recognise that men can also be victims of domestic abuse – both in heterosexual and gay relationships. We believe that everyone has the right to live in safety, free from fear – regardless of their gender. All support agencies in Fife, with the exception of Women’s Aid, support women and men. Asking for help as an abused man can be hard. You may feel no-one can help or that no-one will take you seriously. You may feel ashamed about what is happening or feel as if you deserve it. You may be worried that others will think you are weak or less of a man for ‘allowing’ yourself to be abused. No-one deserves to be abused by the person they love. Remembering this will help:

  • You are not alone – many men experience abuse
  • The abuse isn’t your fault
  • There are professionals and organisations that can help you
  • You can’t change your partner’s behavior
  • Domestic abuse is against the law

What are my rights?

You have the same rights as an abused woman. The police will take you seriously and arrest your abuser if there is evidence of assault. He or she can be prosecuted. Other statutory services also provide support regardless of gender. Accepting that you are being abused is an important step. The next step is to speak to someone, whether that is an appropriate organisation or someone you trust.

Who can I talk to?

You are not alone. For support call Men’s Advice Line on 0808 801 0327 or visit www.mensadviceline.org.uk.

Additionally, you can call AMIS (Abused Men In Scotland) on 0808 800 0024 or visit www.amis.org.uk for more information

Scotland’s Domestic Abuse and Forced Marriage Hotline on 0800 0271234 https://sdafmh.org.uk/ The Freephone 24 Hour helpline to support anyone with experience of domestic abuse or forced marriage, as well as their family members, friends, colleagues and professionals who support them.

Groups for Men

We hope to be running groups for men at some point in the not to distant future.

Who can I talk to?

Men’s Advice Line:
0808 801 0327

Or visit: