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Victim-Centered Approach Fund

Congratulations to the organisations who were successful with their applications to The Scottish Government Victim-Centred Approach Fund (VCAF).
Once again, however, The Scottish Government has decided to reject our application for funding. Despite helping close to 15,000 women and girls who’ve been victims of domestic abuse, we have still not been awarded statutory funding.
For 10 years, Saje has offered a different and distinctive way of supporting female victims of domestic abuse, by helping them understand the violence, trauma, and abuse they’ve been subjected to. We strive to empower women and girls to live safer, fulfilled lives.
Our focus and commitment have always been concentrated on ensuring women and girls affected by domestic abuse are fully supported on their journey to recovery.
Driven by an inclusive referral process, we aimed to change the culture surrounding domestic abuse. Our service is, and always has been, free to any women or referring organisation.
Sadly, as a result of this latest funding decision, we are now facing the closure of Saje Scotland in July this year.  
We thank all of the third sector organisations, charities and trusts, donors, and supporters who’ve rallied around us. Your support is truly appreciated.
Saje Team