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“I’m slowly rebuilding my life.”

Paula’s Story

When I attended the freedom programme I had been in a very abusive relationship and felt like there was no way out.  I didn’t know which way to turn; my family and friends were seriously worried about me.  I had lost most of my confidence and had very low self-esteem due to my boyfriend constantly criticising my thoughts, actions and the clothes I wore.   Still I loved him and constantly told myself things would improve.

The first day I attended the programme I was tired, emotional and a bit apprehensive….After a bit of discussion my thoughts were “wow, these guys actually get it, they understand what we are going through and how difficult it is for us to be surviving daily life.

I told my boyfriend I was going to a confidence boosting group as I felt like I needed it, it was easier to lie than tell the truth and face his anger!!

After attending the group for a few weeks I started to question what was happening to me and questioning my boyfriend’s actions, before this I just thought a lot of it had to be my fault.   If I just tried harder, was sexier, didn’t wind him up, stop disagreeing with him. The list was endless.

At the end of the 12 week course I felt I had obtained so much from the Saje Programme and it had changed my life so much for the better that i wanted to volunteer and help facilitate in any way I could.

Its now 6 months down the road and I have moved house, so he didn’t know where I lived and I feel a lot calmer.  I’m slowly rebuilding my life.  I have cut down on alcohol (which I turned to when things were really rough).  I have joined a gym and gotten a new job as well as volunteering for Saje.

Without the Saje Programme I would still be dragging myself through my day and probably still be in an unhealthy relationship which was destroying me, my life and my mum’s and dad’s life bit by bit on a daily basis.

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The 12 week course is for any woman interested in learning more about the effects of domestic abuse and, in particular for women who experience/ have experienced domestic abuse.

To book your course please either:
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