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Lochgelly High School

Lochgelly High School

We were inspired to develop a Saje Programme for young people because of the following story…

In September 2016, a group of 2nd year girls from Lochgelly High School chose us as their Youth Philanthropy Project assignment. The girls were tasked with identifying a local charity they wanted to represent. In the ensuing weeks, they designed a project and aimed to deliver a presentation on the Saje Programme, domestic abuse and why Saje deserved funding. The winning group’s chosen organisation would receive a £3000 grant.

We are incredibly proud that these young people acknowledge and understand the importance of the work we do, and have been able to identify us as an organisation tackling domestic abuse. Domestic abuse is a very real and prevalent problem affecting people of all ages; it’s extremely encouraging to see young people take notice and try to do something about it.

The girls made it all the way to the final in February this year, where they delivered an absolutely fantastic presentation that really encapsulated what Saje is all about, eventually finishing runner-up. And at the end of their time working with us, each of the girls confirmed that they had completely changed their perception of abuse, and learned a great deal about their own beliefs in relationships and the need to respect themselves more. They are extremely keen for their peers to learn from the information they have accessed.

The concept of highlighting healthy relationships has always been a big aim for Saje, but the pupils have inspired us to develop a Saje Programme for young people. We will work with them to pilot an initial group here in Lochgelly in 2018.

The girls at Lochgelly High have done a phenomenal job with their project and are a credit to their school!