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Her-Story Rewritten

We are proud to announce that, after a year in the making, our book, Her-story Rewritten, will hit the shelves on 26th November 2019!

It’s an anthology of true stories written by women and girls who have survived partner abuse, compiled by us here at Saje Scotland.

The book will be available in paperback and Kindle formats, to buy online and at events. As soon as it’s back from the publishers, we’ll post the link up here. Every penny made from the sale of the book will come directly back to Saje to help fund the work we do.

Meanwhile, follow us on Instagram @herstoryrewritten for a sneak preview and to join the conversation!

About the book

Domestic abuse cuts right across the globe, across our ideas of class, race and religion, across what we think it means to be strong, weak, young or old. It can happen to anyone.

Written by women survivors from all walks of life, collated by Saje Scotland, this book chronicles domestic abuse in all its forms – control, emotional harm, coercion, physical violence, sexual abuse, humiliation, and everything in between.

No one thinks they’ll find themselves in an abusive relationship. No one tells women or girls what behaviours to look out for, how hard it is to leave an abusive relationship, the devastating, long term damage to women and their children.

Our time to act is now. By bringing the fear, shame and violence into the light. By teaching our sons the strength in true equality. By teaching our daughters the strength in sisterhood. By sharing stories of hope and freedom.  







“Every day women contact me because they know things are very wrong in their relationship but they can’t manage to walk away. Usually they tell me, “I love him so much,” and that can be after he’s thrown them down the stairs and broken their arm. All too often I am pleading with them to leave before they’re killed.


But domestic abuse isn’t only about violence. These days we have better understanding of coercive control – the sort of abusive behaviour that doesn’t necessarily involve physical violence but utterly undermines self-worth and autonomy.


Many have family and friends who love them but in their frustration say things like, “I’m going to have nothing more to do with you unless you leave him.” The trouble is this leaves someone vulnerable even more isolated and at risk.


This moving collection of searing personal accounts from the inside of abusive relationships helps those of us who haven’t directly experienced this ourselves understand what a honey trap abusers can set, how gradual the progression and gaslighting, how utterly demoralizing the end game.  But for the grace …. In identifying with these women’s experiences we also come to understand how best to support anyone in our own lives we may be worried about.


And for those who fall on these accounts with recognition and light dawning because they are so like their own story, there will be the relief of knowing you are not alone and vital clues to the route to freedom.”


  • Deidre Sanders, This Morning agony aunt


“This book is important because it is the truth of domestic abuse, told by the women who have lived it.


Domestic abuse is ugly and cruel but the women have imbued their stories with a beauty of language, with heart and with hope.


To read it, is to travel with these survivors on an emotional and painful journey but also to arrive with them, to a place of empowerment, where in the pages of this book, their voices are suppressed no longer.”


  • Annie Brown, Daily Record

 “Domestic abuse is a serious blight on our society. Last year almost 60,000 instances were reported to police authorities. Who can doubt that sad figure, horrific in itself, is only confirmation of a much greater level of unreported individual suffering for those who have to endure physical and psychological violence by partners within their own homes.


This powerful book lays the problem bare in brutally frank and harrowing terms through the personal stories of a number of women who have endured abuse, sometimes for many years on end. They reveal the terrible human realities which lie behind the published statistics.


There is, however, light as well as darkness in these pages as the women recount how, with  determination  and courage, they finally managed ‎to escape the clutches of those who had made their lives  a misery and  went  on to live happier and more fulfilling lives as a result.


All associated with this project deserve the highest praise for bringing these individual histories into the public domain.


The book ‎merits the widest possible readership in today’s Scotland.”


  • Sir Tom Devine, Historian and Author



“A soul-baring and inspirational read from survivors of domestic violence who have overcome common themes of power, control and domination to live independently without fear of abuse, neglect and harm: A must read for men and women!”


  • Michael Alexander, The Courier


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