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A Message From a Saje Graduate

The following was written by a women who’s graduated both the Saje programme and the Toolkit..

“I love the Saje Programme, and the Toolkit really works if you let it. Each week, you grow stronger and stronger, making new friends along the way. I loved it most weeks, but some were very emotional. Thank you all!”

“To all the workers who were part of my journey: I had absolutely no confidence at all. Walking through the doors of the Saje Programme week by week, I became stronger and stronger, and was able to leave my abusive partner after yet another attack. This time, I was strong enough to get the police involved!

“Then the Toolkit came along, and I was feeling myself again getting even¬†stronger. I’m very grateful to the Toolkit for giving me the tools to get on with my life. Thank you to everyone involved, I love each and every one of you. Yes, there are still dark days, but I’ve learned that that’s all part of a normal life.”