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1st Blog

Today marks the beginning of the Saje Blog. Running regularly, the blog will delve into many different topics ranging from the success stories of some of our Saje Programme and Toolkit for Life graduates and the journeys they take, to pieces of information that we hope will help women living with abuse. In addition, we’ll inform you of new legislation we feel may be supportive and relevant, and provide you with links to helpful research unveiling a collection of facts and figures related to domestic abuse.

Also, we’d love to hear your stories so that we can, with your permission, present them anonymously as part of our future blogs. This will help people living with abuse know they are not alone. Hopefully, it will shed light on the steps they’ve taken to regain control of their own lives and free themselves from the grips of an abusive relationship. It also aims to help others understand what people living with domestic abuse and violence go through.

To start, one of our Saje Programme graduates recently wrote a wonderful poem that encapsulates her experiences with the group she was a part of, giving a real sense of how the Saje Programme gave her the tools to change her life.

Here’s that poem:

Put a group of strangers in a room

Throw Saje and BOOM! Shake, shake the room

We were all strangers on the first day

Felt embarrassed and panicked, ‘May Day, May Day’

I would have run and so would you

It all felt weird and worse… taboo

We stayed because we were to shy

Not a shred of self-confidence left between us to even try


Each of us felt mad, bad, stupid and guilty as sin

Would have thrown ourselves in the nearest bin

But we sat, had a cup of coffee, listened and heard

We had survived the worst; why dwell on the absurd

Instead we all had a twin in the room with much in common

Someone else experienced what we did? Come on, come on!

Our little hearts match, they were all black and blue

All we could think of was OMG! It’s true, it really is true


By the time we left, we were in a world of our own

Couldn’t believe what happened! We were not alone

Some of us had lots and lots to say, others didn’t

We knew without being told: they wanted to but couldn’t

There were tough times; and outpouring of pain and raw grief

We felt others’ emotions and in our bruised souls it felt like rain

We always ended on a dream-like, positive not

Put a smile on our face, gave us something to smile about


We bonded as weeks went by; not that we even noticed

As a group we became strong, united and organised

We felt safe speaking about anything and everything

Each one of us willing to help everyone, that’s the thing

How can you share so much to then become strangers again

We couldn’t bear to lose touch, to only remember each other’s pain

Saje took such a hefty, painful weight from our souls

We’re now ready to become our very own Saje patrols